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Throat Coats


“ . . . keeping what matters warm” a sartorial accessory . . . longer, wider and made from delicious fabrics . . . to fashionably wrap, warm and get you noticed. . . . If you’re in witness protection you might consider wearing . . . something else.


D'Va Stolze

D'VA Stolze

 One of a kind and limited edition evening|formal apparel . . . designed with textures that will enhance every outfit ensconced by it . . . not for the faint of heart!

Wrap D’Hats

The Lovely Sofia Stephens Backstage at Lion King, Broadway.

 A Throat Coat|Hat combination that not only “keeps what matters warm” it fashionably keeps your head Sexy & Toasty.




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Boyd's ApparelExperience a  distinctly unique approach to accessorizing your wardrobe with one-of-a-kind pieces and apparel that fits your personality and  individual style.

Fabrics are hand chosen by the craftsman to reflect both elegance, versatility and the artistry of clothing and accessory design.

 Fun, Fly, On The Go Fashion Apparel,
Offering you the opportunity to have your finest, funky and most formal ensembles complimented perfectly.

They are not for the faint of heart or those in witness protection . . .
you will be noticed. 

Throat Coats

 Throat Coats . . . keeping what matters warm.
Limited edition garments inspired by singers who consider the throat the most cherished part of the body.  Throat Coats are designed to address the elements with panache.  This finely crafted, richly textured and vibrantly colored artistic neckwear will allow the wearer to fashionably keep protected what truly matters.  The pieces are longer and wider than most scarves at approximately 72 inches long and 12-15 inches wide.  

Wrap D'Hat

 Wrap D’Hats... Inspired by my Broadway friend, Don Mayo,  who would leave the theater with a Throat Coats  draped over his head.  Wrap D’Hat was conceived to keep his talented dome fashionably ensconced.  These garments that can exceed two yards in length and 12 inches in width are made of natural and man made fibers with a enough give and take to allow for the “big head” that accompanies the adoration when you wear a Wrap D’Hat. 

D'Va Stolze

 D’Va Stolze...  One of a kind and limited edition made to order evening wraps are the perfect compliment to a ball gown, tuxedo suit or the spaghetti strapped "little black dress".  These stoles created with silks, satin, brocades or velvets will allow one to luxuriously dismiss the chill of a sophisticated evening.  Warning, you may find yourself donating your Pashmina to the Salvation Army. 


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